Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump ?>

Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump

And yeah – here’s another post for the new electric breast pump I’m using right now. As promised 🙂 So far so good and performs better than the Precious Moments. There is no pain and it’s not as noisy as the PM – although there still is a sound and vibration. I am amazed on how great the Looney Tunes breast pump is. It automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of using it. Na-rattle talaga ako when Precious Moments EP…

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Precious Moments Electric Breastpump ?>

Precious Moments Electric Breastpump

The moment I’ve decided to breastfeed, I already thought on what breastpump to use. One colleague who breastpump uses spectra M1 which I often see in facebook – spectra by babymama and made me want to have it too. It’s very pricey at Php7k. I told my husband I want it and will buy it when needed. Came the time that I need the pump, and because spectra can be purchased in Ortigas and we’re in Pampanga, having it is now…

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I Chose to Breastfeed ?>

I Chose to Breastfeed

I am one of those lucky mamas who is blessed with baby’s food. I did not have problems producing milk and feeding our newborns right away. That is why I choose to breastfeed. Yes I also breastfed our first born, but when I got back to work and went home only weekly and not everyday, breastfeeding her discontinued, she had formula milk then. And luckily with our second baby, I can now feed him with the milk from me –…

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How Much NSD Costed Me ?>

How Much NSD Costed Me

Months before my due date, my husband and I were already saving part of our earnings in order to be ready for my delivery. Giving birth is of course one of the expenditures that should be prepared for. Money is important, you badly need to have it. Giving birth via CS would start from Php35K while NSD is lesser at Php15K pr Php20k, that’s solely for mothers. Every pregnant woman I am sure want to spend less, hence they’d like…

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Back to Reality ?>

Back to Reality

Grabe, time really flies so fast. I’ve been away from my work for almost 2 months and yesterday- August 8 I returned  to the corporate world. So much have changed, I was alone in the row where we used to be 10. They’ve transferred to other teams now ☹️ And I am still floating – no members where I used to managed 3 FTEs. I however am happy for them now because they’ve moved up! Congratulations! Back to reality- daily commute,…

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Don’t Miss Your Child’s School Orientation ?>

Don’t Miss Your Child’s School Orientation

My plan was polished, when Jd starts schooling, I will be the one who’ll send and be with her until her class is over. I didn’t want to miss that moment and see how Jd performs in class. But the unexpected early delivery of baby Kiehl prevented me from doing these 👎 June 14 was their orientation I gave birth on June 12, really I still won’t be able to do things for Jd but to stay at home and…

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Earlier Than Expected ?>

Earlier Than Expected

I thought I can blog more now that I am taking my maternity leave, I thought it’s that easy but I was wrong. My time evolves in taking care of our newborn, of our eldest and doing the household chores 😉 It was somehow easy when my mother was here, she helped and was there for me when I delivered stayed in my in-laws house for almost two weeks. And now that she’s not here anymore, I kinda miss her….

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Yeah It’s Time – Welcome Baby Ezekiehl ?>

Yeah It’s Time – Welcome Baby Ezekiehl

I already started my off from work on the 10th of June –  it was also the time of ITO team building, the one that I did not join in. The next day June 11th was our 5th wedding anniversary, it was my pre-natal check up as well. During my check up, Dra. Samonte checked how dilated I was and told me that I was 1 to 2cm dilated. She gave me an admission slip so anytime that I feel…

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Mama Dhy at 8 Months – Then & Now ?>

Mama Dhy at 8 Months – Then & Now

****Featured photo is grabbed from babycenter.com**** As I visited my Mind Speaks blog, I saw I had a post about my 8 months pregnancy. Very timing for me to repost 😉 So let me repost it and update based on my 2nd pregnancy! I am already in my 33rd week and 3 days of pregnancy, getting nearer! And I feel heavy, my tummy I think is in its biggest now 🙂 although they say it’s small. I cannot stay on…

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DIY Donut Bun ?>

DIY Donut Bun

When JD turns 4 – there are lots of things she doesn’t like now. Like; When I wore her the romper: JD: Ma, I don’t like that! Me: Why don’t you like it? JD: Because it’s ugly :'( Me: No it’s not ugly, it looks good on you. JD: No it’s ugly…. But I won, I still let her wore it kasi bagay naman talaga sa kanya kahit na nag iyak sya before she wore it.   When I tie…

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