Officially Three Month Old ?>

Officially Three Month Old

Yay, time wanes so fast – seems like it was only yesterday that I gave birth to our son, and now he’s already three month old. And I already am working for two months and two weeks, and happily breastfeeding our son 😉 When I was pregnant, I enjoyed the voluminous and lustrous hair I had, it was so shiny and made me feel more confident, made me want to always sing my heart out with mics for recording lol…

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Continuing to Breastfeed After Maternity Leave ?>

Continuing to Breastfeed After Maternity Leave

Grabe Dhi, paano mo inuuwi breastmilk mo from work to Pampanga? The words from one of my closest friends that are keep on coming back to me 😉 OO nga naman, how I manage to bring home the expressed milk from work to home. That is from MOA area Pasay City to Mexico Pampanga – traveling for two hours or more if traffic. Imagine that mommies – for the sake of my son’s healthier health, I manage to do it…

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Lullaby ?>


When you become a mother, one thing you should learn and do is to sing – lalalala….. Kiehl gets used to being cuddled, putting or leaving him alone in bed makes it harder now haha. And to make his sleep longer, we use baby swing for him, but, accompanied by singing a lullaby. My voice gets practice again hehehe…. And I remember again the 90’s songs that I used to sing before (sadly, lyrics were almost forgotten 🙁 ) But…

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Siblings ?>


Kung kelan bininyagan – saka naman hindi kami makagala hahaha… Kiehl was baptized last July 31, 2016. Before his baptism, we were already bringing him sa mga malls and not so distant kainan. But right after his baptism, parang hindi na kami nakagala. Blame the rainy days…. And his first official gala na binyag na was last August 28, 2016 at Robinsons Mills Pampanga. Dahil namiss na ni JD ang Kidzoona kaya naman isa yun sa aming pinasyalan at pinasaya…

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Thank You Xerox ?>

Thank You Xerox

Although it’s a government mandated on breastfeeding that every company should provide a nursing or lactation room for nursing mothers, I am still very thankful that finally we are now enjoying this at Xerox. I think we didn’t have this many years ago. And when the company received the mandate from government of setting up workplace lactation room, they immediately complied. A nursing mother like me is given a compensable break intervals of not less than 40 minutes for every…

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Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump ?>

Looney Tunes Electric Breast Pump

And yeah – here’s another post for the new electric breast pump I’m using right now. As promised 🙂 So far so good and performs better than the Precious Moments. There is no pain and it’s not as noisy as the PM – although there still is a sound and vibration. I am amazed on how great the Looney Tunes breast pump is. It automatically shuts off after thirty minutes of using it. Na-rattle talaga ako when Precious Moments EP…

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Precious Moments Electric Breastpump ?>

Precious Moments Electric Breastpump

The moment I’ve decided to breastfeed, I already thought on what breastpump to use. One colleague who breastpump uses spectra M1 which I often see in facebook – spectra by babymama and made me want to have it too. It’s very pricey at Php7k. I told my husband I want it and will buy it when needed. Came the time that I need the pump, and because spectra can be purchased in Ortigas and we’re in Pampanga, having it is now…

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I Chose to Breastfeed ?>

I Chose to Breastfeed

I am one of those lucky mamas who is blessed with baby’s food. I did not have problems producing milk and feeding our newborns right away. That is why I choose to breastfeed. Yes I also breastfed our first born, but when I got back to work and went home only weekly and not everyday, breastfeeding her discontinued, she had formula milk then. And luckily with our second baby, I can now feed him with the milk from me –…

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How Much NSD Costed Me ?>

How Much NSD Costed Me

Months before my due date, my husband and I were already saving part of our earnings in order to be ready for my delivery. Giving birth is of course one of the expenditures that should be prepared for. Money is important, you badly need to have it. Giving birth via CS would start from Php35K while NSD is lesser at Php15K pr Php20k, that’s solely for mothers. Every pregnant woman I am sure want to spend less, hence they’d like…

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Back to Reality ?>

Back to Reality

Grabe, time really flies so fast. I’ve been away from my work for almost 2 months and yesterday- August 8 I returned  to the corporate world. So much have changed, I was alone in the row where we used to be 10. They’ve transferred to other teams now ☹️ And I am still floating – no members where I used to managed 3 FTEs. I however am happy for them now because they’ve moved up! Congratulations! Back to reality- daily commute,…

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