Terrible Three

Jhaydii will be turning for this coming March 21! And time is waning so fast, parang kailan lang she’s inside me.

But before we celebrate this milestone, let me first share you her behavior when she was three. The age where toddlers are really hard to please and they tend to misbehave. I sometimes share to my friends about how JD behaves, friends who have also daughters. Stories like, ang hirap tawagan ni JD, we called her 3 to 5 times before she even answered back it was because she’s busy watching you tube. There were also cases that she hits her cousins. Daddy Jay kapag napupuno na with JD, kinukulong nya sa kwarto and si baby girl will cry loudly and incessantly until magsuka. Ako nman when I lost my temper wih her, I spank her slightly and raised my voice. Things like these to discipline her. We don’t want her to grow up a bad girl. She also sometimes imitates her cousins like saying words as demonyo – her cousin shared to us na sinabihan daw ni JD ang  ate nya ng demonyo. We asked JD about this which is unknown to her na bad word yun, sabi nya sinabihan daw kasi nya ng kuya nya ng demonyo na nagaya lang din nya. See, if we parents are not beside our kids, who will teach them good traits.

When I share some JD’s misbehavior to my friends they told me that it’s normal. They’ve gone through it as well. Na halos ihagis nila anak nila sa kama sa kakulitan. My friend told me 3 year toddler is called terrible three – kasi nga it’s a stage where they really are makulit. Na napagdaanan din namin.

And we notice that as JD gets close to 4, she changes. She is not that persistent when she was three. When she forgets good deeds, I always tell and remind her “you are turning four na you should not be like that” then she agrees. As she grows up, we want them to behave as in behaved little girl. We want her to be disciplined as early as now para di dumating ang panahon na basta basta na lang sya sasagot ng walang respeto at magbibigay sa amin ng sakit ng ulo. Yung sisigaw sigawan ang parents, magdadabog hindi susunod sa utos… things like those….

Buti na lang we really see a lot of improvement from her. Sometimes nga lang nakakalimot sya and she misbehave but it’s acceptable as long as it’s not really that bad.

But – there’s a good thing for her in her 3 years of age. She always watches you tube – play doh, maya girl and other English clips, these help her in learning English communication. Nakaka proud, she’s not into school yet but knows how to converse in English na, with us nga lang. She is shy daw to talk with other people. There were times na pinagtitnginan kami kasi we talk in English and some even can’t help and told us na “english speaking ang anak nyo ma’am no?”, natawa na lang ako and said “hindi naman”. It was my dream talaga, for JD to speak English naturally, unlike me na nag stutter sometimes when I talk. And we hope this will continue as she enters schooling and madevelop pa lalo.

Age of three has a good and bad sides – which will teach parents a lot 😉👌👍



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