Gained 5 Lbs in One Month

And this reality shocked me last Saturday when I had my monthly check up with Dra. Jeanette Samonte. We arrived at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center at about 2:30PM. We’re just so lucky na naabutan ko daw si Doc because Doc was about to leave for a cesarean operation. I was the last patient then. Daddy J and JD accompanied me.

When Doc’s assistant asked me to weigh, the scale said, 122Lbs, I’m not bothered yet at that moment. But when Doc was discussing to me my progress, she told me that I gained 5 Lbs. Wheow! And yeah, that big, I was 117 only from my last check up. Sabi ni Doc “Nagbakasyon kasi eh no? It’s normal pa din naman, you’re in range, pero wag laging 5Lbs ha?” I’m on my 27-28 week by the way (7months)

I was thinking how was my eating habit for reaching this weight. I ate normal sometimes less rice pa nga because I easily get full. The only reason I can think of was when I was eating halo halo for 3 consecutive days, ate the almost 4 leche flan I made, fries for almost a week (as I feel starve at 12MN when I headed home) and the birthdays celebration we had last March.

I would never do that again 😉 Never to gain more pounds as this, this will be the first and last ayt! I can’t get over it until now. I asked JD “Mataba ba ako?” JD answered “No mama” haha….

Nevertheless, we’re so excited as my term is getting nearer. Soon to see our baby tummy \m/


April 4th, 2016 by
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