32 Weeks!

32 Weeks!

And I’m on my 32nd week now 😉 Yeiiii so close! And my tummy is so big, it really is round – shape. My waistline is gone, or I mean my curve is gone (as if I have haha).

 photo 32 weeks_zpsnsdatkfx.png

Last Saturday – April 30, I again had my pre-natal check up with Dra. Jeanette Samonte. It was quick because she was sick. Before my turn, her assistant got my weight and BP. I still weighed 122lbs – she then asked me “Bat di ka nag gain?” I also had the same weight last April 2.

 photo Screenshot_2016-05-04-18-53-11_zpsvh0u9mib.png

Dra. Samonte checked our baby’s heartbeat and it was okay. As usual – JD was beside me when Doc was doing it.

 photo 20160430_141449_zps9ell13c3.jpg
JD beside me while waiting for Doc to check baby’s heartbeat

And back to the table, while I was being advised what vits to take, JD was touching Dras name etched in a wood type letters. JD pointing the letters J, I and A – and asked me “This is my name right?” – asking me 3 times. Doc praised her and said “Ang ganda naman ng accent nya”, I smiled in reply and told her “You tube lang po yan” 🙂 Yeah – we are allowing JD to watch You Tube since she was 2 or 3. She first was interested in play doh, then the Hulyan and Maya – where she started to learn speaking English, then Chase’s corner and now Sami.

Galing talaga ng mga bata, they learn fast and also adopt to the accent. Everytime we’re conversing with JD, we talk to her in English. Para masanay. And no need to enrol in an International School right?

So – one month to go and I’m about to pop! So excited to see our 2nd baby 😉


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