Mama Dhy at 8 Months – Then & Now

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As I visited my Mind Speaks blog, I saw I had a post about my 8 months pregnancy. Very timing for me to repost πŸ˜‰ So let me repost it and update based on my 2nd pregnancy!

I am already in my 33rd week and 3 days of pregnancy, getting nearer! And I feel heavy, my tummy I think is in its biggest now πŸ™‚ although they say it’s small. I cannot stay on one position for long, I need to take on different position so my back won’t hurt.

Recalling….. I had my two check up last week, Saturday. Two because I changed to another OB-gyne. Had to say thank you and goodbye Dra. Alcalde – she’s been good to me yet I need to change to another OB who is cheaper than her hehe. And there I remember the one suggested by my friend’s brother, Dra.Valdez, cheaper than the first one. I need to ask permission to Dra. Valdez first if she will accommodate me even I’m on my 8th month, she said yes if I will ask permission from Dra. Alcalde. The latter did not fail me, she let me go πŸ™‚

Lucky me – unlike many some pregnant woman, I do not have swollen feet… Here’s my feet taken last Thursday on my 33rd week and 1/7..

 photo IMG-20120209-feet.jpg

and this is me on my 8th month

 photo at8months.jpg

8 months and weighs 120 LBS

See, I’m small at 8th,and my belly button has not protruded yet πŸ™‚ That is why I need to eat a lot more for my baby’s growth. Though that small, I am actually feeling heavier, especially when I am sitting and then to stand up to urinate, ah promise, I feel heavy.

And now on my 2nd pregnancy – my tummy is bigger and I’m heavier weighing 123lbs. I also felt the same feeling I had during my first pregnancy – hard to move and feeling heavy. I cannot stay in one position for long. I also did not have a swollen feet (I believe). Sleeping – oh very hard, and it’s normal for us pregnant.

What is different now is, our baby tummy is very much active doing the acrobats that startle me – not as active like my first. It is because I am carrying a boy now.

 photo now 32 weeks_zpsxv0b2nvp.jpg

8 months and weighs 123LBS

I am on my 37th week as of this writing. Excited to take my maternity leave and wait for my delivery. Excited to spend my whole time with my family – especially now that JD will start her schooling πŸ™‚ I need to personally be there on this milestone.

Mamas reading this – may I ask you to please pray for my safe and healthy delivery? πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot and may God bless us always!


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