Earlier Than Expected

I thought I can blog more now that I am taking my maternity leave, I thought it’s that easy but I was wrong. My time evolves in taking care of our newborn, of our eldest and doing the household chores 😉 It was somehow easy when my mother was here, she helped and was there for me when I delivered stayed in my in-laws house for almost two weeks. And now that she’s not here anymore, I kinda miss her.

But I am very thankful that my husband is now here with us, to help me with other chores and in JD’s schooling.

Okay – earlier than expected. It’s about me giving birth to Kiehl. I was expecting that I will deliver for about 38 or 39 weeks. That in the beginning of my maternity leave which is June 18, I will start practicing to properly breath so when contraction or labor comes, I will not experience any difficulty. That on the start of my ML, I will do exercise so I can give birth easily. But hey, none of these happened! Two days after my off from work – that was June 10, Friday and then June 11 of 11PM, I felt that our baby is coming and whew! That was the start of the unexpected. On June 12, I gave birth to Kiehl. It was really earlier than expected. Fortunately, I already had my vacation, fortunately, it was weekend and fortunately I did not experience much pain – not much labor pain. Thank you baby Kiehl for not making it hard, although I did not know how to properly push, I still made it! Thank God!

Albeit earlier than expected, I am very thankful and feel blessed that we are both safe and our baby is very healthy. Thank you all for your prayers!

We’re now two weeks over. More to go!

Till then



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