Back to Reality

Grabe, time really flies so fast. I’ve been away from my work for almost 2 months and yesterday- August 8 I returned  to the corporate world.

So much have changed, I was alone in the row where we used to be 10. They’ve transferred to other teams now ☹️ And I am still floating – no members where I used to managed 3 FTEs. I however am happy for them now because they’ve moved up! Congratulations!

Back to reality- daily commute, and going home by 2am the following day. I was lost, I need to regain my focus and catch what I’ve missed. Missed all.

And omg – my last post here was on July 9 and I only had one post, tsk. I thought it would be easier to write and that I can have enough time to blog. But contrary happened because my time was focused on my children. But I am very thankful that I gpt to spend a lot of time with them, I was available 24/7. Now, back to reality, a working mama… spending most of my time in the office….for them, for their future….

So this one for now. I’ll try to post those that I missed to post during my ML. My breastfeeding experience, Kiehl’s baptism and ate JD’s school 😉 So time, please be good to me this time.

With thanks,



August 9th, 2016 by
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