When you become a mother, one thing you should learn and do is to sing – lalalala…..

Kiehl gets used to being cuddled, putting or leaving him alone in bed makes it harder now haha. And to make his sleep longer, we use baby swing for him, but, accompanied by singing a lullaby. My voice gets practice again hehehe…. And I remember again the 90’s songs that I used to sing before (sadly, lyrics were almost forgotten 🙁 )

But thank you JD because of you, I learned some toddlers’ song that I can also sing with Kiehl in order to put him into sleep. I will accompany it by martin parlor guitar next time so it will be nicer to hear 😉 Not only will Kiehl sleep, but also those around us chos!

I need to update myself with the current trend/songs, I was left with 90’s songs huh!


September 8th, 2016 by
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