Loving My New Haakaa

Loving My New Haakaa

You may be wondering what is #haakaa right? Well for most of the breastfeeding inays, this one is very familiar to them. And I am happy to say that I own it now!

I have been seeing this in FB’s Breastfeeding Pinay group, but I wasn’t interested – I was satiated with my Looney Tunes electric breast pump. Until one day, I saw Iya Villana’s IG post about it…


She’s very influential to me 😉 hers made me decide to purchase haakaa because I have been simultaneously pumping my left boobie while baby is latching. And it was hard! Holding the pump on the left and carefully cuddling baby on the right – thanks for the pillow for helping me anyway!

I visited Lazada online shop again and look for the haakaa – and wow, they have! And it’s on sale from original price of Php1K+ to Php860. And I was just trying my luck if I can still use my credit card (because it was already over limit) and wow my order went through! But I did not regret it, on January 5, the silicone breast pump was delivered right into our doorstep by Lazada.

Now, the experience. When I came home from work on Thursday night, I needed to pump because it was already 3 hours since my last pump from office and baby Kiehl was still sleeping. I wanted to know how the haakaa works so I sterilized it and used it on my left while the right was pumping…


Good job with the result… The flow was fast – and there was no waste at all. It is very effective. I had 2oz of milk catch while the other side was pumping.

And the following morning, I also tried it while Kiehl was on latch, and wow – I had 3oz..


Now I can store more milk while at home because of this wonderful human invention. I am also bringing it in the office so my session would be faster 😉

Two thumbs up for this product. It’s very effective and recommended to all moms who breastfeed and pump. Get yours now and experience the wonder of this item.

In awe,

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