Enfant On Baby’s Skin and Hair Care

Enfant On Baby’s Skin and Hair Care

*** Product Review***

Being a mother is a difficult job, especially when you are a first-time mom and not sure what products to use for your new born baby.

Lahat ng payo nyan ng mga experts will be followed, so as not to compromise everything for our baby. My mother also helps me take care of my daughter. But her time and my time was different na. Ang dami na ng nagbago, kaya naman I opt to listen to my babies’ pediatrician and use only what’s best for them.

We mothers are very OC when it comes to caring for our baby’s skin and hair. It’s very delicate that is why we need to choose the correct product. Babies’ products are pricey compare to adults’ – which is normal because those products have to give justice according to what their price is 😉 right?

If a mother fails to choose the right product, kawawa si baby. Skin irritation, rashes, redness, dandruff are few of the many skin and hair problems a very young baby would experience. Ayaw natin yun di ba? It’s very stressful not only for a mother but also sa kawawang babies 🙁 Buti na lang we didn’t experience it. I only want what’s best for my babies (paulit ulit yan mga mommies haha).

I am very lucky I got a chance to try baby’s products, in time for our 7 month old baby Kiehl, the Enfant products – organic shampoo, body wash and lotion specifically.  And wow they’re on sale! Less 20% off from its original price of Php500.00!

Arrived Enfant 1


It was our first time to use the Enfant organic products last weekend, first tried it to baby Kiehl. I wasn’t afraid to try them on because I know Enfant – it’s a very well known and trusted brand that helps protect the babies, with high quality baby products and are delicately made with pure love and tender care to bring satisfaction, happiness, good health and safety to our babies. I purchased some clothes from them kahit na medyo pricey because it’s all worth it.

And as I was using it, I was in awe how the baby shampoo and baby wash smell – really really good! Ambango! And baby Kiehl’s skin was so smooth after I used the baby bath on him.

Enfant Kiehl 1   Enfant Kiehl 2   Enfant Kiehl3

A little something about the body wash

enfant organinc body washEnfant organic moisture body wash contains oat and olive oil which gently cleanses and nourishes baby’s skin. Combined with Ecocert Certified Organic Chamomile & Organic Argan Oil – these natural ingredients are rich in essential fatty acids which help moisture protect baby’s skin. It’s also rich in vanilla milk to make skin look brighter and feel healthier. The pH balance formula is ideal for baby’s sensitive skin.

JD Enfant 1

I tried it to my 4 year old daughter as well – and from it, I saw how the shampoo works, her hair was so smooth, ang dulas agad and really smells so good!

A little something about the shampoo

enfant organin shampoo

Enfant organic moisture shampoo contains ecocert certified organic shea butter and sweet almond oil that gently cleanses and softens hair. Kaya naman pala ganun agad effect with Jhaydii’s hair for the first time use ;). The moisture rich emollients combined makes baby’s delicate hair silky smooth, soft, and easy to manage. The organic pH formula not only benefits baby’s hair, but also helps maintain a healthy scalp.

JD Enfant 2

The next we tried on was the Enfant Double Moisture Lotion- and yey as well because it’s so smooth on my babies’s skin as well and hindi ko mapigilan i-utter the word “BANGO” while I was using it.. Kasi totoo naman talaga.

A little something about the lotion

enfant organic lotionEnfant organic double moisture lotion contains also the ecocert certified organic chamomile and organic argan oil – natural ingredients that are rich in essential fatty acid, vitamin E and rice bran oil to soothe baby’s dry skin. Tamang tama kasi Kiehl is having a dry skin nowadays because of the weather. This naturally non-greasy formula absorbs quickly leaving baby’s skin smooth and hydrated for a longer period.

Enfant is taking a big step forward with “Enfant Organic” and is now aiming to cherish and nurture the baby under these 3 important qualities:

  1. Pure – Enfant uses a natural blend of certified nontoxic ingredients under standardized manufacturing process.
  2. Gentle – Enfant leaves no residues that irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.
  3. Safe – Enfant is beneficial for the baby and the environment, thus making this world a better place to live in.

I assure you mommies – there’s no harm when you use Enfant products. We want our babies to have glowing, healthier and smoother skin and hair? Then invest on something that will make these traits happen. Go with Enfant!


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