Baby on the Move at 9 Months: Learning to Walk

Baby on the Move at 9 Months: Learning to Walk

I’m so proud!

Our baby boy surely will learn to walk on his own at an early age. He started to take steps with guide – when he’s 9 month old. He even is taking the stairs up! So brave of him!

***Hover over the picture below and click through to play the video***

Taken March 2017 when he’s 9 month old
That’s what liquid gold can do right? Strong bones and immune system. Healthier and safer. Thankfully I can still sustain my supply, I can still provide for his needs.

I believe Kiehl will be very talkative like his ate Jhaydii….

Few words to date: atatata, dada, atete… and still, no MAMA 🙁

Mama whom he always looks for. Mama who always sings and lulls him so he can fall into sleep, even without harmonica. Mama who gives him liquid gold, and yet he cannot call me yet huhu…

But it’s okay 🙂 Drama only hehehe…

Will post the other video later…

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