Introducing Formula Milk

I am an enougher. But was able to survive to exclusively breastfeed our little one for one year. Too happy to do that 🙂 Our baby is healthy, thanks to mamas milk and to everyone who takes care of him.

However, yes I am enougher, but is noticing that I am not producing milk just like before. I only had 8oz a day, sometimes 5 and worse, 4 ☹️. Time came that I only had one 4oz left in the freezer, so I decided to buy a formula milk.

I am still nursing him, pero grabe, he’s so naughty, he would look at me, smile then bite, ouch! Keep on repeating it no matter how much I tried to stop him. Because of this I decoded to stop – pero mahirap pala haha. Whenever I come home from work at 2am, and would get him from his tita, he would look for mama’s boobie and I can’t resist him. Okay lang kasi he’s not biting. I realized he would bite me kapag busog na sya and still want to make dede. Pang asar lang no…

I introduced him the same formula milk his ate drank – Enfagrow A+. And he’s liking it.

I am not sure when I would stop breastfeeding, but for as long as I have, I would continue feeding him and expressing milk at work. Wag lang sya mangagat coz it really hurts 😞

Oh by the way – he’s walking now! Yiiii.. One year and one month old when he walks without assistance and for long distance. Clap clap!

Till then, 

July 22nd, 2017 by
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