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February 26th, 2016 by Mama Dhy

Hi there mamas, mommies, inay, nanay and all mothers in the world, here comes Mama Dhy, mama blogger of 🙂 Another blog of Ms. Dhi – Dhina Lieva David about motherhood, parenting, babies.

JD 062

I originally have and now I have created it on my own domain, yey! And I’m going to transfer everything that I wrote there, some kind of a flashback!

This blog is dedicated to our first baby Jhaydii L. David and to our on the way 2nd baby – who now happens to be 5 and half months in my tummy. Well my babies – I will broadcast you online ha…. Bear with mama. Love you both!

So help me God for keeping this hopefully for years like my first blog I Just Opine , visit it as well. It’s something about my opinions, inspiration and everything personal.

Keep in touch!


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