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August 31st, 2016 by Mama Dhy

Although it’s a government mandated on breastfeeding that every company should provide a nursing or lactation room for nursing mothers, I am still very thankful that finally we are now enjoying this at Xerox. I think we didn’t have this many years ago. And when the company received the mandate from government of setting up workplace lactation room, they immediately complied.

A nursing mother like me is given a compensable break intervals of not less than 40 minutes for every 8-hour working period in order to express milk. There’s washing area, mini refrigerator to store the expressed milk, chairs of course but no bed lol. We can privately use the room when needed. Of course it’s not a place where you can have bose soundlink bluetooth speaker iii and listen to the music, a no – no.

I think as of now, we are six mothers who share the nursing room, waiting for our turn until it becomes vacant 😀 And what more exciting is, we get to share our breastfeeding experience to each one of us, happily sharing how it’s a real struggle that benefit both mother and baby.


So Xerox mothers, enjoy one of our right 😉

Till here,


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