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March 13th, 2017 by Mama Dhy

He is such a little cutie! Dylan Dreyer is not back to work yet, she is still on maternity leave with baby Calvin, but the new mom made time to check in with everyone at work on the Saturday edition of the Today Show on March 4, 2017. The brand new mama and ten week old Calvin did a video chat with her coworkers on Saturday, and she gave the inside scoop on the adorable little man. β€œHe’s just amazing. I’m so in love with him. He’s rolling over, he’s smiling all the time, every day is something new.” Dylan revealed. So cute!

The new mom also revealed that now Calvin is sleeping for about five hours at a time, which is a ton of sleep for a brand new mom. β€œI’ll take it!” Dylan laughed. The brand new mom looked amazing, even though she wasn’t dressed up or wearing makeup. Dylan makes such a relatable mom, that is why we love her! The Today Show meteorologist has been super open about her doubts and fears regarding becoming a mom, which is something else we can’t help but love about her. Although she wasn’t sure that parenting would come naturally to her, Dylan reveals that she just sort of got the hang of it. We are so happy to see Dylan so happy, even if we do miss seeing her every morning.

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June 28th, 2016 by Mama Dhy

I thought I can blog more now that I am taking my maternity leave, I thought it’s that easy but I was wrong. My time evolves in taking care of our newborn, of our eldest and doing the household chores πŸ˜‰ It was somehow easy when my mother was here, she helped and was there for me when I delivered stayed in my in-laws house for almost two weeks. And now that she’s not here anymore, I kinda miss her.

But I am very thankful that my husband is now here with us, to help me with other chores and in JD’s schooling.

Okay – earlier than expected. It’s about me giving birth to Kiehl. I was expecting that I will deliver for about 38 or 39 weeks. That in the beginning of my maternity leave which is June 18, I will start practicing to properly breath so when contraction or labor comes, I will not experience any difficulty. That on the start of my ML, I will do exercise so I can give birth easily. But hey, none of these happened! Two days after my off from work – that was June 10, Friday and then June 11 of 11PM, I felt that our baby is coming and whew! That was the start of the unexpected. On June 12, I gave birth to Kiehl. It was really earlier than expected. Fortunately, I already had my vacation, fortunately, it was weekend and fortunately I did not experience much pain – not much labor pain. Thank you baby Kiehl for not making it hard, although I did not know how to properly push, I still made it! Thank God!

Albeit earlier than expected, I am very thankful and feel blessed that we are both safe and our baby is very healthy. Thank you all for your prayers!

We’re now two weeks over. More to go!

Till then



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June 9th, 2016 by Mama Dhy

****Featured photo is grabbed from****

As I visited my Mind Speaks blog, I saw I had a post about my 8 months pregnancy. Very timing for me to repost πŸ˜‰ So let me repost it and update based on my 2nd pregnancy!

I am already in my 33rd week and 3 days of pregnancy, getting nearer! And I feel heavy, my tummy I think is in its biggest now πŸ™‚ although they say it’s small. I cannot stay on one position for long, I need to take on different position so my back won’t hurt.

Recalling….. I had my two check up last week, Saturday. Two because I changed to another OB-gyne. Had to say thank you and goodbye Dra. Alcalde – she’s been good to me yet I need to change to another OB who is cheaper than her hehe. And there I remember the one suggested by my friend’s brother, Dra.Valdez, cheaper than the first one. I need to ask permission to Dra. Valdez first if she will accommodate me even I’m on my 8th month, she said yes if I will ask permission from Dra. Alcalde. The latter did not fail me, she let me go πŸ™‚

Lucky me – unlike many some pregnant woman, I do not have swollen feet… Here’s my feet taken last Thursday on my 33rd week and 1/7..

 photo IMG-20120209-feet.jpg

and this is me on my 8th month

 photo at8months.jpg

8 months and weighs 120 LBS

See, I’m small at 8th,and my belly button has not protruded yet πŸ™‚ That is why I need to eat a lot more for my baby’s growth. Though that small, I am actually feeling heavier, especially when I am sitting and then to stand up to urinate, ah promise, I feel heavy.

And now on my 2nd pregnancy – my tummy is bigger and I’m heavier weighing 123lbs. I also felt the same feeling I had during my first pregnancy – hard to move and feeling heavy. I cannot stay in one position for long. I also did not have a swollen feet (I believe). Sleeping – oh very hard, and it’s normal for us pregnant.

What is different now is, our baby tummy is very much active doing the acrobats that startle me – not as active like my first. It is because I am carrying a boy now.

 photo now 32 weeks_zpsxv0b2nvp.jpg

8 months and weighs 123LBS

I am on my 37th week as of this writing. Excited to take my maternity leave and wait for my delivery. Excited to spend my whole time with my family – especially now that JD will start her schooling πŸ™‚ I need to personally be there on this milestone.

Mamas reading this – may I ask you to please pray for my safe and healthy delivery? πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot and may God bless us always!


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April 4th, 2016 by Mama Dhy

And this reality shocked me last Saturday when I had my monthly check up with Dra. Jeanette Samonte. We arrived at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center at about 2:30PM. We’re just so lucky na naabutan ko daw si Doc because Doc was about to leave for a cesarean operation. I was the last patient then. Daddy J and JD accompanied me.

When Doc’s assistant asked me to weigh, the scale said, 122Lbs, I’m not bothered yet at that moment. But when Doc was discussing to me my progress, she told me that I gained 5 Lbs. Wheow! And yeah, that big, I was 117 only from my last check up. Sabi ni Doc “Nagbakasyon kasi eh no? It’s normal pa din naman, you’re in range, pero wag laging 5Lbs ha?” I’m on my 27-28 week by the way (7months)

I was thinking how was my eating habit for reaching this weight. I ate normal sometimes less rice pa nga because I easily get full. The only reason I can think of was when I was eating halo halo for 3 consecutive days, ate the almost 4 leche flan I made, fries for almost a week (as I feel starve at 12MN when I headed home) and the birthdays celebration we had last March.

I would never do that again πŸ˜‰ Never to gain more pounds as this, this will be the first and last ayt! I can’t get over it until now. I asked JD “Mataba ba ako?” JD answered “No mama” haha….

Nevertheless, we’re so excited as my term is getting nearer. Soon to see our baby tummy \m/


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