December 1st, 2016 by Mama Dhy


Whenever I see boys and girls selling lanterns on the street…

I remember the child, on a manger as he sleeps…

Whenever there are people, giving gifts exchanging cards…

I believe that Christmas is truly in their hearts!

And yeah, indeed I believe that Christmas is really fast approaching! Christmas carols start playing as early as BER months – conveying that hey guys, Christ’s birth is getting closer and we need to prepare for it, we must prepare to share what we have and give love to everyone! It’s the season of giving and sharing ayt?

Now what?

I’m a Santa believer when I was a kid. I remember myself hanging a sock in our window, wishing for a toy, in a complete belief that Santa Claus will pass by riding his sleigh driven by reindeer. But what I received then – candy haha, because my parents couldn’t afford to buy me toys. A little girl who wished for something every time Christmas comes.

I am now a mama who still wish for something when Christmas comes. I know there are lots of Santas in various forms, they’re generous enough to share what they have and in return I also share what I have. I still want and wish just like what this song goes….

On a first day of Christmas my true love sent to me – a Partridge in a pear tree..

but for me my wish goes like this:

  • More breast milk for my 5 month old baby. Oh yes, it’s something very important for me. I breastfeed my baby but I only produce enough unlike some mothers who produced more than what their little one needs. I pump at work in order to have milk for my baby while I am away. I wish I would have more milk to pump! Yeah!
  • For my daughter to be included in top 5 this coming 3rd quarter. She’s always on a brink! Her teacher told me that she’s performing well and can catch up easily, the only problem is – she’s always in a rush answering their works. The result? She missed to answer some of the items 🙁
  • For my husband’s good harvest come the harvest time of his pepper plants haha.. He is always happy to tell me that its cost in the market is very high. And hopefully he gains a lot from it!
  • To travel with my family – Baguio or Boracay.
  • And – to always serve my husband a very hot and aromatic coffee, and cook food for my family. My husband doesn’t trust me when it comes to cooking, and I sometimes even fail in making coffee. I want to prove him that with practice and good machine or equipment, I can get his confidence in me with cooking.

That is why with the latter wish, there is some generous Santa who would provide me and will make my wish come true (wish wish haha).

So here’s My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist.

    • Fully Auto Coffee Machine ECAM 45.760.W

coffe makerA bean-to-cup machine with the De’Longhi patented  automatic cappuccino system and milk-carafe to make silky smooth lattes or the ultimate frothy cappuccino using the new LatteCrema technology. You can prepare any type of coffee drink at the touch of a button whether it’s a cappuccino, caffelatte, latte macchiato or flat white, the Eletta can create your perfect milk beverage.

Why I want this coffee machine?
I and my husband both love sipping coffee in the morning and in the afternoon. I sometimes failed the perfect blend, sometimes too sweet, sometimes too bitter, and sometimes does not have enough taste. I don’t measure really – that makes the blend to always differ every time I make coffee. So with this Fully Auto Coffee machine ECAM 45.760, I am sure I will never fail making a very tasteful coffee. I even can make cappuccino, latte or macchiato with its automatic cappuccino system. What I love with this coffee machine aside from what I’ve mentioned already is that it can create a creamy cappuccino with dense milk foam and always at the perfect temperature until the last drop. I can choose my favorite milk beverage in Milk Menu like hot milk, flat white, espresso macchiato and My Milk designed to perfect the blend. The machine can be used with either coffee beans or ground coffee. I can prepare two cups of coffee with a single brewing cycle – this one really is a must as I always make for two 😉

Contact Grill CGH 902C

Contact Grill CGH 902CThe Panini Maker CGH902C is a 5-in-1 grill and griddle with high-precision temperature control and a unique ceramic durastone coating. It features 5 cooking functions: contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/half griddle. You can cook-top quality burgers and panini – and grill delicious meat, fish and vegetables. The CGH902C has dishwasher-safe, easily removable plates thanks to two easy-to-use release buttons. Two accessories for healthy cooking are included: a practical oil fat collector and 1 spatula.

Why I want this contact grill?

We love healthy foods – something that is free from oil. And because of this, my husband loves to grill fish, veggies, and meats. Grilling through the charcoal. Before he can grill, preparation takes time, and it’s messy sometimes. And I am sure that through this contact grill, preparation won’t be that long, and that there will be no mess anymore. This also has 5 cooking functions – contact grill, panini press, full grill, full griddle, and half grill/griddle, and my husband can do so much with it. It’s also made of a unique ceramic durastone coating which provides high thermal conductivity, uniformity of temperature throughout the plates and is high resistant anti-scratching – I love these folks! The plates are easy to remove and is dishwasher safe plates. Who wouldn’t want this one right?

Electric Oven SFornatutto Maxi EO 3285

electric ovenA mechanical big capacity 32 liter electric oven, with heat convection, rotisserie, total flat enameled Durastone II cavity and thermoinsulation “Thermoshield” because of the double glazed door.

Why I want this electric oven?

I want to bake – but having no oven prevented me from doing so haha…. Baking nowadays is in demand. I mean it can also be a source of income. I want this electric oven so I can start baking again. Oh wait, when was the last time I bake? It was far long long time ago – it was during my high school days wherein I baked through the oven toaster only hahahaha. But it was a success. And now that the baking industry is making names and is yielding income, I want to pursue it and be my sideline. I can start all over again with the help of the delonghi electric oven. Another thing why I want this is that, it offers superior performances compared to the traditional convection because of the special combination between the fan and a dedicated round heating element which assures an instant and uniform heat distribution inside the cavity. Beside, it allows to cook on two different level and reduces cooking time by 15%. It’s thermo shield – thanks to the usage of particular insulation systems and a double glass door,  reduces the external surface temperatures and makes the oven more efficient thanks avoiding heat wastes. You can also grill up to 4kgs of meat, yay too heavy! It’s oven ready light! Green light indicates when the oven reaches the desired temperature in order to guarantee maximum precision in every recipe. This also has 7 cooking functions: heat convection, traditional, grill, gratin, defrost, rotisserie, keep warm – I can do them all! 😀

And my De’Longhi Christmas wishlist is now complete 😉 I just hope Santa would be very generous to give me those. Even I am not that good in cooking or baking or coffee making, I am sure with the help of the de’longhi products, I will be ONE!


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