April 1st, 2016 by Mama Dhy

I’m a mother of a four year old, and ever since I became one, my heart always symphatize to those kids who are going through difficult trials and pain. One of these is about Courageous Catie – a 3.7 year old girl who had a blood cancer and been fighting for so long and finally taken away yesterday from her parents.

I was on my way to work, riding the LRT while visiting Courageous Catie’s facebook page. And while I was checking on the photos I learned that she gave up. I can’t stop myself to cry. Even now that I’m writing this post while on my way back home, my tears still want to fall and I’m starting to sniff.

I can’t imagine this little angel how she fought for life, for long. Oh em gee… I think I should stop writing for a moment, tears are beginning to fall and I’m crying hard now 😢. I can feel the pain of Catie’s parents that’s why I’m like this.

Parents of Catie are so brave and strong to face this pain in their lives. Parang ako di ko kakayanin, ang hirap. Lalo na at her age, 3.7 – this is the time that toddlers are very close to parents, makulit man never mind because that’s them.

Catie, you ineng have touched many hearts. I was not able to help you financially, in prayers I did. And now, I’m praying that your parents and loved ones can bear the pain of losing you. At a vey young age you becane an inspiration to many on how you courageously fought for your life. Pero siguro ayaw na talaga ni God mahirapan ka kaya kahit masakit man sa mga naiwan, kinuha ka na Nya.

No more pain for you dear. Rest in peace 😇

In prayers,



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