June 8th, 2016 by Mama Dhy

When JD turns 4 – there are lots of things she doesn’t like now. Like;

When I wore her the romper:

JD: Ma, I don’t like that!

Me: Why don’t you like it?

JD: Because it’s ugly :'(

Me: No it’s not ugly, it looks good on you.

JD: No it’s ugly….

 photo romper.jpg

JD in Gingersnaps romper taken before she turns 3 years old (2-14-2015)

But I won, I still let her wore it kasi bagay naman talaga sa kanya kahit na nag iyak sya before she wore it.


When I tie her hair in donut:

JD: Ma, I don’t like donut, it’s ugly.

Me: No it’s bagay on you.

JD: I don’t like

She won this time, kasi kinakapa nya hair nya and make sure it’s not in donut tie. 😀


Because my hair is thick and long, and I can’t make a donut bun myself, I thought of trying it with JD’s hair. And yey, I did it!

 photo donut_zps8kgfdlwj.jpg

2nd try during my cousin’s 18th birthday – November 2015

The donut bun used a sock, cut the toe portion to make 2 holes and roll it over to make a circle to insert JD’s hair. Try it!


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