August 23rd, 2017 by Mama Dhy

The struggle is real, Mama Dhy has been sleepless since Jhaydii started schooling. I work on mid shift -meaning 2 to 11, leave home at 11am, arrive in the office before 2pm and leave the office at 11pm or 1130. But wait, I cannot right away travel for home. I commute going home – via Bataan route and my out from office of 11pm would tell me that I would ride a first trip bus which is 1230am, more than an hour of waiting time before I reach home. And will be at home by 2am and sleep by 3am. Will then wake up at 6 to give Ate Jhaydii a bath.

I chose to bathe her myself because I want her to remember that I’m doing it when she grows up. Minsan lang sila bata and I want to make the most of it.

Well well, I go back to sleep naman at 7am to 9am hehe, but still yung deretsong sleep is better than putol putol. And oh did I say that Kiehl wakes up so early? Mag iingay na sya by about 530 or 6am. Nakikisabay kay ate nya.

Although sleepless, it feels okay and good, because I truly feel how blessed I am with nice family and stable? work. 🙂

So until here muna mga mama. I haven’t updated this in a while ☹️ I hope I can get back to track. Share me something to write 😊

Oh by the way, I am still breastfeeding my little Kiehl, he’s fourteen months now. Been blessed with liquid gold…for our son’s health.

till my next post ❤️

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