July 13th, 2017 by Mama Dhy

Hi guys, hi mamas, mommies, nanays and jnays, how are you all doing? Hope you’re doing well as you read this.

Hello July!

I find it hard to update my blogs now. I transferred kasi another team. So now that I am in the bus – it’s my time again to update. Hindi na naman ako matutulog nyan. Okay lang because I really wanted to post something today. It’s already July 13.

I make share about our kids since this blog is dedicated to my kids.

Do you know that I already started feeding my little one with formula milk? ☹️ Yeah… Because I see that I am not producing enough anymore. I still breastfeed him and continue expressing milk when at work. So no worries. Dati I had 3 sessions every day in the office, but now I reduce it into two – kasi sayang ang orase, output is the same. I can only have 12oz na iuwi.

And it depleted again. Ngayon I have mga 9oz lang. I pumped at 3pm and 930pm. Nag iwan ako sa bahay ng 4 bottles of 4oz each.

Lo is also fed with am – yung prang sabaw ng nilutong kanin. His pedia kasi told us that he’s underweight. We need to increase his solid intake. So to help, nagpagiling kami ng bigas and we make it as am. We see some improvement naman.

He cannot walk straight yet. We still guide him. Pero grabe na kalikot. And kabibo…

Ask me what the formula we choose? It’s Enfagrow A+, the same milk nung time ni Ate Jhaydii.

And oh. Speaking of ate… Pedia also told us that she needs to increase her weight. She was 16kilos kasi early June. She advised to give her milk again, and recommended Pediasure. So ayun, she’s been drinking it 2 to 3 times a day. And yesterday when she and Daddy Jay went to Pandayan Bookshop, meron kasi dun weighing scale, and so daddy happily told me that she’s almost 40Lbs which is 18kl! Ang saya! And pricey! Ng formula milk. 😞

So this is it for now guys..

Happy July!

God bless!

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